Paul Goodman

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The basic fundamentals of this stream is the spiritual aspect where persons must reinforce the inner being and set aside the material part of the world that is usually what complicates relations between these. Tools for personal development reminds us Wikipedia: use the experience, noting the sense and the feeling that we give to our experiences. Be aware or be aware of own actions and behaviors. Jonathan Kellner spoke with conviction. Learn how to communicate, to oneself and to others, the discoveries about himself most commonly used techniques: Wikipedia provides some very relevant i.e.: corporeo-emocionales techniques: Wihem u orgonomia (Wilhelm Reich). Analysis bioenergy (Alexander Lowen) Radix (Charles Kelley).

Primal (Genova) therapy. Afectivo-primal analysis (Claude Aliais). Renaissance or Rebirthing (Leonard Orr). Somatherapy (Roberto Freire) techniques of self-awareness: Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls, Paul Goodman). Enneagram directed dream (Robert Dessoille). Sophrology (Caycedo). Mind control (Silva). Psychosynthesis (Assagioli).

Interpersonal techniques: transactional analysis (Eric Berne). Psychodrama (Jacob Levi Moreno). Impact each one of us, we see the world according to the vision that we have of him, identify us with him according to our thoughts, everything what we are determined to reach according to the self-knowledge that we must already be defined. We are creating our limitations, doubts, fears, feelings of inadequacy etc., eat our self-esteem, dignity, integrity, recognizing the vices and virtues in the same way we can create new models of thoughts that lead us to empower all our good qualities and to achieve the goals that we propose. Many of our beliefs have led us to situations in our life that we would like to modify. Those same beliefs make us think that this is so and that it will not change never. That is the trap that our ego makes us fall. However there is always in the background a hope, as shown by some, that tells us that you can transform itself, give way to arising our qualities, potential.


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