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This is closely related to the fate, we spent half a lifetime waiting for things to achieve success, happiness, love, and yet many of they are there front and we are afraid to take action. We believe that success comes from contacts. A good network of contacts can help you achieve success, but this depends not exclusively on this. We have to think that we can learn from all the people and not obsessed with searching for contacts that can bring us value, we must first give to then receive. We believe that success comes recognition. Not by being a well-known person will succeed, since the process is often upside down, when you reach success, is when it comes the recognition. But both anyway one thing as another, not should concern us, since they will come after we advance in the road and lift us over and over again.

We believe that success is an event. We believe that success comes at a particular time or at certain place, when in fact as I said throughout the post, success is a journey, a process that must go, which need clarification (what we want to achieve), planning (how it can be done) and review (which changes we introduce for reaches our goals) therefore does not idealize the success this will come after work, study, reflect, and especially after walking if stopped us. Maria Garzon BlogRoll INFO how to achieve a good meringue the success of alliances AlChilazo eight keys to improve my business Economic window DeNovatoNetworker 8 errors of the success Paul D. Ceglia claims to be the owner of 85% of Facebook FayerWayer


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