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By the number of cameras refrigerators are: Single – refrigerators without freezer (often cooler – table, up to 85 cm tall). Two-cell – a model with refrigeration and freezer compartments. They may be single-door and two-door (with interior freezer on top or bottom of the refrigerator). Three-compartment – are less common because they have a smaller effective area than the two-compartment refrigerators of similar size, at the expense of considerable thickness partitions between the chambers. For convenience, a refrigerator designed two types of arrangement of the freezing and refrigerating chambers, if freezer is above the refrigerator, this refrigerator no higher than 1 m 78 cm Freezer such models is quite spacious, has a shelf on the door of the freezer.

Freezer itself usually has one branch, which is divided into two parts shelf. Refrigerator with freezer the bottom has a height of 2 m 10 cm in three long drawers can store fish, meat and fruits and vegetables. Note, however, that with the increase in size decreases the freezer refrigeration compartment. Characteristics of freezing Camera: Important parameters in the freezer and freezing capacity is the ability (the number of pounds per day of products Freezable.) It can range from 3.5 kg to 20 kg per day. It is generally sufficient 5.10 kg per day. Take into account the operating temperature range (the camera's ability to create and maintain certain temperature). It is easy to determine the shelf life of products in the freezer on the number of stars. * temperature – 6 C.

Storage of products up to 7 days. ** Temperature – 12 C. Storage of products up to 30 days. *** Temperature – 18 C. Storage of products up to 90 days. **** Temperatures below – 18 C. Storage Products 6-12 months. Necessarily note whether there is off quick frozen (- 24 C).


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