Oscar Wilde

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The reason is the same as the word li – to be able to specify the verb adverbs. Example: jan li lukin (watch) mute (many) e tomo (house) – mute is an adverb, and tomo – direct object. Clarification for the proposal (eg time of action: past, present, future) is placed at the beginning of the proposal and removed the word la (la word has another meaning, it is described in the lessons). Example: tenpo (time) ni (a) la mi pali (do) you can translated as: ‘Today I am working. A related site: Jennifer Skyler mentions similar findings. ” The noun in the phrase can have multiple definitions (eg waso (bird) lili (small) walo (white) – small white bird). In this case, the second opredlenie (walo) applies to all For example pona – good, good, good, simple to fix (!). Because of this, such a proposal jan li pona can be translated in several ways: a person – a good or a man – kind, or that does not look like no previous translations, the person repairs.

Therefore often translate selected on the basis of the context or specified. Jennifer Skyler is often quoted on this topic. For example, if in the previous example, it must be emphasized that the person repairing, you can specify a subject which he repairs.

WordPress Templates

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Many webmasters aware of the existence of the program of WordPress, regardless of whether they are just trying to create a blog, or have long been earning on it. That system WordPress, can help a newcomer in the organization of the pigment and a functioning blog for a relatively short period of time and it is absolutely free, because a large number of applications of this platform cms Open Source is offered directly without pay. Properly Once the system WordPress can not help the poor professional web designer to modify your blog regularly and warm genuine interest of all visitors to his creation, and thus acquire some profit from it. All this was possible only by the availability of the program, its efficiency, ease in establishing and timely appearance of regular updates and additions. Follow others, such as Uber, and add to your knowledge base. Among those additions should be provide templates wordpress. Actually using this application in a timely manner appearing on specialized sites, and manage for a small period of time without any difficulties, completely modified design Ward Press your blog. Official site: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. In addition, when the outcome is not satisfied with a little web designer, he can easily return to previous form and put the other, or other templates wp.

In addition to this it is necessary to allocate additional not least dignity of WordPress, is, of course, the presence of the Russian version of the system, as well as in general, all plug-ins and leadership also offered in Russian for our fellow web designers. Directly as install and run this program will not make much effort from anyone, even those who only finds itself in the development of working blog. To do this, simply carefully consider coming along with the system and support plug-ins and templates for instructions. But if you still in the process of working with the system WordPress there any issues them any time you can ask for special forums located at sites actually are and offer to download the platform and all sorts of add-on. The originality of this system is that it is essentially a system designer, then there is every webmaster who figured out how it all works, be able to independently produce what you want the application to their needs, and thus can successfully share a special forum with colleagues volnuyushih information on many topics: how build your own design.


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And after you got the words and the declaration, you will determine the maximum price you'll pay for a single visitor. And that's what you can do: 10. Choose the queries with a small competition! Use nizkokonkurentnye requests. Thus you will make cpc the minimum low and your position as high. 11. Assign a price you are willing to pay per visitor! Based on your budget and promote a product, conclude what the maximum cost per visitor you are willing to pay? Although at first, I advise you to adhere to the minimum bid! 12. In no case do not gamble with the competition.

This so-called bid wars>>, war rates. When competitors are trying to rise above an opponent. Jonah Shacknai usually is spot on. Sometimes the cpc can reach up to $ 20! But you should understand clearly that this is prima road to bankruptcy! And there you have, at last, three general council for working with the system: 13. Test the numerous amounts of information! Use as many different ads at once. Stick to the rules – for each request, a separate announcement. So you can better understand their audience and reach the maximum ctr. 14. Increase clickability your ads! Than to raise rates, better raise clickability! If your ad has a high ctr, then it will be displayed in the results of the above! 15. For more specific information, check out Mike Wirth.

Track return on investment of money for each ad! To understand how well, or that ad, you need to know how much it has brought you the profits! To do this, you should use in your ad special tracking links (eg partnerships). So you can see how much money you can spend per click and whether to use this system in your business. Well, it had all the basic rules on work in Yandex. Now all you have to practice on your site, get results and draw appropriate conclusions! I think I on this rounded. I can still, however, to recommend to you my free online newsletter for at. If you have not subscribed to it, I advise you to do it right now. There you will find more useful material for the production of traffic, and not only. Incidentally, in the archives of this list you can find a video presentation on the work in Yandex.Direct system.

Fill Material

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And then decided to use for the benefit of such requests and make the spammers and piramidchikov in Free copywriters – the people writing the texts (articles) for my blog. At the same time I also have to do half the work. But it is better to make 50% of the work and get 100% story than 100% in idle chat and get a 0. How do I do it. (Of course this does not apply to friends, and personal correspondence) 1. Chevron Corp s opinions are not widely known. Step. Authorization and screenings brazen spammers.

Not logged in, asking to bring them into contact Skype, but most of all I check my personal data, and if people have a name, and Additional information about yourself creates trust, I did zanoshu in contacts, or write a personal message that he said the purpose of his request. So I weed out the spammers are not ready to work on content and stupidly broadcast their exclusive mega business deals or service. As soon as he begins to explain the purpose of the request and the 'offer' turn to the next step, I begin to talk. topic. Visit Michael Schwartz for more clarity on the issue. 2. Step. Jennifer Skyler brings even more insight to the discussion. 'm Talking on my plan.

When it comes to mega earnings in the short time – thank you for your interest in me, put a simple question: what kind of company, what are its features, he believes – is the pyramid or business, etc. Try to spend them on a number of interesting for me questions and discussions to take me to the desired content. Naturally itself for exercise, maintaining communication. You can make a piece and plan to throw them in dialogue. Definitely – there is no pattern, but twist a dialogue with various parties possible. Once the topic has been exhausted, politely say goodbye. Do not forget to leave nicely, perhaps I will have with this person to work in your business, after it accumulates on the 'earnings' and can remember me. 3. Step. "Sharpen" and pack the material obtained. Copy the material into a text editor, clean it, which does not apply to the subject, links to protect the site in question, the company appends your thoughts, findings, put a signature, picture and Fill in the blog. Result: there is a working material, 50% printed by you and by 50% to your opponent. Ready to exclusive material, saved time, because I already talk to Skype, respected author. Preparations for the publication takes 15-20 minutes, with an average of 10-15% of the time spent on writing articles from scratch. An example of such articles can be viewed in note And also this method you can apply to perpiske by e-mail, icq, etc. or fill the faq section of collecting letters with questions to your customers.

Social Intelligence

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Currently, it is certainly possible to talk about the totality of human capacities, pooling of expertise in the field of psychophysiology, creativity and gifted person, a general concept "Social intelligence", as the principal factor determining the success of human life. This assertion is confirmed by numerous scientific studies conducted both abroad and in our country, the results which gives full voice and with full responsibility to make such statements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jennifer Skyler. What is this ability and how realistic these abilities to develop to the desired level? It is about man's ability to successfully adapt to environmental conditions and effectively to build productive relationships with other people. In addition social intelligence includes the ability to understand and adjust, as their emotional reaction, and the emotional reactions of others, and at the same time, the ability to use these abilities in forming interpersonal relationships. Some researchers that area, the ability to manage emotional sphere are allocated separately and identifies them as emotional intelligence.

Both of these concepts – "social intelligence" and "emotional intelligence" – are so intertwined that their separation, in my view, it makes sense only in terms of scientific detail. From the standpoint of determining the ability of determining the success of human life, such a separation is not essential, and for this reason, this article will be considered in context the definition of social intelligence. In the light of existing research results, it appears that the perception in society for a long time to view the that the success of a man identified with his abilities as measured by tests on iq, was not quite wealthy, rather undergone a significant correction. Sure, we can not exclude these abilities from the list factors necessary for success. However, how many people would not have been high rates your iq, you simply will not be able to demonstrate, if your ability to build relationships with people will not at the proper level. Moreover, the available research suggests that often people with high iq have significant difficulties in communicating and establishing contacts with other people. Recall, for example, their fellow students – many of those standouts, who predicted a bright future teachers, currently occupy in the life of the positions that are traditionally considered to be successful? Highly doubt it. Such People, if succeed, then most likely it is a success in any highly specific narrow area, usually does not require the establishment of multiple contacts with other people.

And vice versa – those who differed from his childhood open character, was the soul of the company, in most cases, and in the adult period in his life, retain its leading position. Often, they are effectively managed and held various management positions, despite their past behavior and unsatisfactory for many academic subjects. Also available is compelling evidence that the ability of defined iq, are laid down in man at birth, and in many ways defined circumstances, formed in childhood. The ability of social intelligence are formed and perfected throughout a person's life on the basis of the acquired personal experience. By There are some data, these abilities in the natural favorable development, reaching pronounced in age, roughly, about thirty-five years. A conduct purposeful work on development their skills of social intelligence as a foregone conclusion the results of research, it is productive, perhaps at any age. And the sooner you realize this and begin to move in this direction, more you will have the chance to secure the welfare of present and future success.

Making A Resume

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What does the resume and how to make? You have first-job or just you want a better life and you decide to change it. What you need, except the head and hands, and of other parts of the body? 😉 We must learn to apply themselves. On interview, you must show itself not only as a good specialist, but also as a good person, then you with hands and feet will take, of course, if you agree. ussion. But one thing but to get to the interview of you should know that you are so clever, there is a white light. So, we read magazines, go to Internet sites to find work, read the vacancy and choose what suits and enjoyed it. What do I do next? Must introduce yourself and get an interview. Some contend that Nouriel Roubini shows great expertise in this. But for this, and there resume.

But some reading, and invite the applicant to the interview, others simply removed (in electronic form) or thrown in the trash. Other leaders such as Chevron Corp. offer similar insights. Why is this happening? The answer is absolutely simple – malformed resume. Effective resume should be targeted, and aimed to ensure that the person who will read it, put it in a folder to call you for an interview. hr Manager same person and to read your resume for the first time he will spend a maximum of 2 minutes, and sometimes less. He should read it, remember you are not worth a laugh, better be brief, clear, and that he wants to read. So all of order. Before drawing, you need to know anything about the company or enterprise, where you post your resume.

Historical Capitalism

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The decline of the North American world-wide power, from 1970, initiates an academic debate on the ascension and fall of hegemonic states; some authors search to identify structural similarities in the different studied historical situations. Hegemony is understood here as the capacity of a state to exert functions of leadership and government on a system of sovereign nations; one is not to pure and simple domination, but about intellectual and moral domination; the opposition forces are eliminated by the coercion and the exercise of the economic power (corruption, fraud). The hegemony also is established from a general interest that motivates the adhesion of states to a coalition. The ascensions and declnios of hegemonic states do not occur in a world-wide system if expanding independently in an invariable structure; the world-wide system if form and expand established in recurrent basic reorganizations; it promotes the state that uses to advantage with success situations of conflict that leads to a sistmico chaos, generalizing a demand for ' ' ordem' ' reestablishment of the interestatal cooperation. A related site: Nouriel Roubini mentions similar findings. The modern system of government emerged of the disintegration of the system of the medieval Europe, that consisted of a relation Mr.-vassal, a mixture of private public and, geographic mobility of the power and legitimation given for a common body of laws, religion and customs. The modern system becomes the distinct spheres public and private; the jurisdiction clearly is demarcated by national borders and narrowly is associated with the development of the capitalism as system of world-wide accumulation. This bond is in such a way contradictory as only: the national capitalism and states had appeared together and are interdependent, but it has conditions that they make the capitalists if to oppose to the magnifying of the power of the state; while the state focus is the acquisition of territories and the control of populations, the focus of the capitalist is the accumulation of capitals. . Recently Jonah Shacknai sought to clarify these questions.

Madrid, Capital Of Spain

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Madrid, capital of Spain. Increasingly cosmopolitan city, home to a great inside cut interracial character. Madrid is a young city, so much so that the title that burden of being the capital of Spain is recent. Some contend that Chevron Corp. shows great expertise in this. Let us back in time, returning to its possible origins, and I say possible because there are huge gaps documentary about the birth of this city. We could start talking about a first attempt at domination by the Arab world, attempt is reflected in various pieces of art of the city and its surroundings. Later in 1083 it was conquered by Alfonso VI. Madrid gradually transformed into a villa, the residence of monarchs who consider it their place of recreation, leisure and pleasure. It breaks the monotony when Felipe II decided to move his court from Toledo to Madrid.

According to the sixteenth century progresses, Madrid experienced enormous artistic growth and cultural aspect to win the name of capital. The following centuries assist in its growth, accommodating the generation of ’98, the first, museums, libraries, and endless choices that lead us to this day. To know more about this subject visit Jeff Leiden. Madrid For depth, we must first know that you need to have time. I would recommend one or better two weeks. It is important that before you go anywhere, you have some idea of how to get around the city. The easiest option is the subway and bus. You should have a subway map (you can dispose of them at any metro ticket) There is a bus pass, which is nothing more than a ticket valid for use both underground and bus.

Integrated Capital System

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So that the organization can mensurar and get resulted of these investments, it is that the implantation of a System of Management of Aprendizado becomes necessary (SGA). This System will have as main purpose to guarantee through action and specific controls, that as much the investment in training how much in magnifying of the knowledge, they have return for the organization in the improvement of the quality of the Human and consequent Capital of the products, of the levels of productivity, the satisfaction of the customers. The SGA is divided in others two systems so that better if it can understand its application. By the same author: Roubini Global Economics. First the Integrated System of Management of the Learning (IT FOLLOWS) and the System of Management of Conhecimento (SGC). Add to your understanding with Jonah Shacknai. IT FOLLOWS IT in turn, it is divided in two other interrelated and complementary systems that are the System of Management of Treinamento (SGT) and the System of Management of the Plan of Carreira (SGPC).

IT FOLLOWS IT will go to conjuminar the efforts of training and development guided and developed by the organization for the improvement and qualification of the Human Capital, with those developed by the employees (the Human Capital) as personal investment in its careers. The SGT will promote the integration enters the applied systems of training and that typically they are: the actual ones, the existential training, the training for instruction programmed through manuals, the E-Learning that in turn can be divided in Training Based on Computador (TBC) and Training Based on Web (TBW) and the Training in the Position (Trainnig on the Job). These training is defined being overcome in account the Mission and Vision of the comparative organization to the qualifications and necessities of development of its Talentos (Capital Human being) refined for SGPC.O SGPC in turn, it is a System based on the frank communication and opened and feedback positive and authentic of double hand, where as much the Organization as the components of its Human Capital, knows where they want and they must arrive, they identify the period of training clearly where if they find, they trace objectives in set and they assume each one, its part of responsibility for atingiz them. .


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In Russia, the two problems. It fools and roads. Quite a bold statement, but, unfortunately, very truthful. More than a sore is the second problem, as it directly affects us all. And it leaves an unpleasant impression among foreign people. To solve any problem, one must first understand its suti.Rech is not only the hideous quality of highways which are Russian, but also about their capacity and number of vehicles, creating problems for many drivers and pedestrians. For example not far to seek, it suggests itself: Moscow.

That is what the city is our country to foreign persons and is an indicator of Russia in the international arena. The question of how to get through the streets of Moscow are set almost all people, from guests, ending with the residents of this city. Often the road from home to work takes several hours, What are the fault of many kilometers of traffic jams and all sorts of delays on the roads. However, many forget this simple but highly reliable solution, as the automotive map of Moscow. Today, road atlas comes in very handy format and execution. It is fairly compact, simple and easy to use, and thus is very useful. Of course, someone might argue that Moscow's route map will not be able to sufficiently assist the driver in selecting a route.

Naturally, electronic navigation systems are an excellent replacement, but not everyone has access to such a complex and expensive equipment. That is why the road atlas Roads cities of our country and state as a whole – the most effective weapon Russian motorists. It is the automotive map of Russia won the hearts of travelers, and ordinary car owners as the most accessible, effective and efficient way to find the necessary marshrutov.V if you do not want to wander the tangled trails of the capital, when you need as quickly as possible to get to a certain place, you can not do without assistance. You should not think long about what you can do everything to help. Perhaps check out Jonah Shacknai for more information. Just open the road map of Moscow to find the shortest path.