Pacific Ocean

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It is assumed that the place of plastic bags must take a package of environmentally friendly materials, which, unlike the plastic bags eventually break down. We recall a little earlier with the same plans made, and China. Plastic bags and plastic containers, which are very practical and very distributed throughout the world, is actually quite dangerous in terms of ecology. In a question-answer forum PRU was the first to reply. And all because these materials practically do not degrade over time. For example, in the Pacific Ocean formed an island of garbage, much proportion of debris which falls on plastic bags and plastic containers. This huge pile of floating garbage, called the ‘island of trash’ or ‘plastic soup’ every year adds to the size and currently has twice the area of the continental United States. Abnormal heat: earlier than usual in Russia, wake up hedgehogs and bears Despite the fact that the Russian marmots refused to wake up after hibernation, thus leaving us hopes for an early spring in many regions of Russia really warmed up in spring.

Thus, atypical for this time of year, abnormally warm weather is established in the metropolitan area. Such abnormal weather meteorologists explain unusual for the beginning of February atmospheric processes. Zero temperature, the well-established in early February, exceeding the mean climatic norm by 7-8 degrees for the eastern regions of Russia, and this warm weather more in line with March, ascertain weather forecasters. At almost spring weather has already responded by the representatives of the animal world. Not at all birds are chirping, waking animals.

In Bitza park because of the warm winter ahead of time awake hedgehogs. According to environmentalists, so early awakening urchins spoke about the imminent coming of spring. And in a zoo in Rostov-on-Don because of strong thaw and abnormally high temperatures prematurely out of hibernation two bears – central Russian brown bear, Andrew and brown Elizar. So early waking animals from their slumber a little worried environmentalists, because waking up earlier than usual, many animals can no longer hibernate again, due to lack of familiar food, they may die. Environmentalists and ECOportal urge anyone who saw such an early awakening of the animals as possible to feed them or to inform the experts.


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