Opel Agila Electric Power Steering

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Opel Agila New from the company, "Opel" is shown at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2000. The car, designed to perfect a new direction for the European firm. New 'Opel Agila' – is, in essence, is another structure on the basis of which is the 'Suzuki-Vegon R +'. Only motors – opelevskie 'Ecotech', already familiar from the updated model 'Corsa' 1.0-liter three-cylinder (58 hp) and 1.2-liter four-cylinder (75 hp) of mounted 5-speed manual box transmission. 'Opel Agila' has a length of 3.5 meters in general – is one centimeter shorter than the 'Corsa', 1.62 meters wide, only 1.66 meters tall and is made for four people. Luggage capacity – 248 liters.

The rear seat is fit for parts. When completely folded seat capacity up to 598 liters of luggage, making it almost ideal cargo space – in this respect Aguila – the standard of Cubist design. The standard software includes Opel Agila Electric Power Steering control, driver's airbag and seatbelt retractors. Audio system nominally not be put – only the upper set and for a fee. In the central part of the instrument panel display board demolished information devices.

In the car Opel Agila original way Chuck decided to design – the big headlights, original design – innovation in style, not inherent in the company earlier 'Opel'. Rare on mikrovenah 14 tidyuymovye wheel dimensions 155/65-R14 on unique alloy wheels also contribute to the image of the car. Opel Agila car is equipped with steel wheels or alloy. Modifications upholstery – not so numerous.


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