Non Banks

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The implementation of banking products and services – the most important phase of any bank in market conditions. Policy objective of the bank and all its services is to attract customers by expanding distribution of its products and services, conquest of the market and ultimately increase profits. Currently, competition in the banking market has increased so that in order to survive, banks need to learn how to sell banking products and services to secure a sufficiently high level of profits at an acceptable level of risk, as well as maintain a competitive position in the market. To do this, banks have been actively used initially separate elements of marketing, and then concept of marketing and strategic planning. It is caused by increasing competition for customers as the financial market development and changes in the external environment, as well as many other factors. Note the major ones.

1. The internationalization of economic processes, which is accompanied by the penetration of banks into foreign markets and their competition with local banks. The globalization of banking competition. 2. The appearance and development in virtually all countries a large number of non-banking institutions, will compete with banks. 3.

Diversification of the banking industry itself. Expanding the range of services provided by banks and development Non-bank methods of borrowing money (issuing bonds, for example). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Uber. 4. Development of information technologies and communication tools based on modern technology and as a consequence of the expansion of regional and national scope of the financial and credit institutions.


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