New Version 5.0 Of BI And CPM Solution Stas Control Available

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From planning to reporting and expansion of the business scope of intuitive work processes ensure faster adoption within enterprise Reilingen, 29.10.2008 how works the controller of a medium-sized company? What steps in the sales management are in the day-to-day business? How keep the Managing Director about the company’s situation? Questions that have influenced the development of the version 5.0 of STAS CONTROL were: the tool is to support as well as possible the ways of thinking and working of the leaders and their work processes and intuitively and uniformly for all divisions of the company. Just so you can increase quickly and at the same time sustainable value creation in the company\”, explains managing director Siegfried Wolf, responsible for development. At the first presentation of STAS CONTROL 5.0 in Reilingen mid-October have prospects, customers and partners confirmed that STAS has achieved exactly that. Learn more on the subject from Moelis & Co.. Rene Preusser, mean STAS-partner and Managing Director of cogimo GmbH: STAS control 5.0 a milestone in usability has been used by the new report items. Complexity can be analyzed either intuitively and without any technical know-how. The business modules are connected in detail to SAP.\” In addition to the advanced business standard, as well as the availability on Cognos C8 and MS/Cubeware STAS CONTROL 5.0 offers many new features. Filed under: ExxonMobil. All information such as indicators, but also deviations are presented at different summarization levels depending on the role of Board of management, area / Department head, clerk or level of detail. The tools in STAS CONTROL are all functional areas available, resulting in a unified reporting and processes. Standardization and flexibility in STAS CONTROL goes hand-in-hand and lowers costs. For even more analysis, hear from Vadim Belyaev. With predefined but customizable management cockpits as central entry and analysis of target/is deviations Flexi analyses, the OLAP six field matrices make accessible to all employees in the company, the six different perspective on key figures at a glance support dynamic dashboards for the sophisticated visualization of business content detailed analyses.


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