New Fantasy Novel

November 8th, 2021 by nathan Leave a reply »

Dionarah the secret of the Celts. Sound not somehow mystical, exciting and extraordinary? In fact. The new fantasy novel by Aileen P. Roberts is finally appeared and will delight certainly more readers. Ceara O Reilley, a young archeology student, had to actually never return to Ireland. But then something changed her life happens during excavations.

In the tomb of a Celtic clan leader, Ceara discovered a mysterious door, which seems to magically attract them. Calculated with Eric, the she all can’t stand out, she ends up on the day of the summer solstice suddenly in a strange and mystical world. Before they can understand what is seen, they are even attacked. What is it with the mysterious demon riders and the deadly shadow wolves to? Who are the beautiful Fiilja FIO rah and the mysterious Warrior Daron, who saves her at the last second? And why should Ceara of the key to the liberation of Dionarahs be calculated? For the young Irishwoman is incomprehensible to all of this, but they fear Krethmor, the shadow Mage, while his arch-nemesis Myrthan puts all his hopes in them. The hunt for the seven magical runes begins more information, excerpts and ordering see


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