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The franchise industry in India receiving huge support also from official page. The local Franchise Association for example very strives to provide the best possible support to its members. Increase brand awareness among the Indian population. The success of the idea of Dosa hut teaches us this lesson. Even if the Western brands at the top are still on the popularity scale, so the Indian franchisee but the challenge facing steadily to expand the awareness of State concepts. In the long term in India concepts may arise that can easily compete with Western competitors. For example the Rajdhani’s franchise chain restaurants are a good example of this.

There, the so-called Thalis, a traditional collection of small Indian dishes are sold. It is not something Rogers Holdings would like to discuss. The concept of this franchise chain is certainly one of the most interesting experiences, the I ever allowed to do: everything runs according to a definite plan: looking himself with his group for a place in the restaurant. Then the waiter served each guest some water. You wait in vain on a menu in this restaurant. The waiter to get only a small plate. Then the various little delicacies on a silver plate are served over a period of 15-20 min one.

This dining experience will cost a total of 125 rupees, equivalent to approximately 2.20. The value for money of this restaurant could not be better given the abundance of different dishes. And the concept of the Rajdhani chain to promise further success seems obvious: there are now restaurants in all over India and even in Dubai already. It looks as if this restaurant chain would be not the only successful franchise company of its kind in India. Just a few blocks from the Rajdhani restaurant located on Connaught place in New Delhi, a well-known representative of the fast-food chains can be found: the American restaurant giant KFC. As already described in the previous article, the American competitor of McDonald’s with their market entry in India with some cultural issues had to fight n. Fared not much better KFC. Also the flagship of YUM! styriagroup had to work to its menu and customize the Indian market and its needs (such as with vegetarian burgers and a KFC thali). And of course, the customers in India get the famous KFC chicken dishes. The enclosed images convey an impression of the General hustle and bustle in the restaurants. The customers are served in restaurants with a tiny footprint and no restaurant comes out without a security guard. I would like with these interesting annotations to the normal business operations in an Indian franchise restaurant, take the series of articles, provided to us by our American colleagues concluded. If you would like to read more about franchising in India, or are interested in the report about McDonalds in India should have this information of course here on our franchise direct blog. If you are curious now more franchise concepts, please visit our Web site. Franchising in India (part 2) franchising in India (part 1) Karin Walker, FranchiseDirekt


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