Neurolinguistica Programming

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The term rapport indicates that it exists or a reciprocal understanding between two settles down or more people Also can be denominated to this like " sintona" or " feeling. The Neurolinguistica Programming has resources and techniques to manage to enter syntony with another person, and to obtain an effective communication with that is to enter " Rapport" and to establish a communication with syntony, they are required to pay attention to the following 5 aspects: The form of verbal communication: It is the form to communicate in which they must use the suitable predicates, that is to say those basic favourite words sensorial, that our interlocutor uses If for example the other person is rather " visual" , that is to say that thinks much about " imgenes" most probable is than &quot speaks; of way visual" for example " I already see what you want decir" so that there will be to use that form to speak in base mainly, to the visual sense, if we want to be in tune with this person. To know more about this subject visit Restaurant Michael Schwartz. In the same way if the person is auditory (by example: " escuchame well ")or kinesthetic (" now it touches &quot to you; or " we are in contacto")also you must adapt the words (preached) in agreement with it. The communication form for-verbal: Here you must pay attention to the volume of the voice, tone of the voice, flow, rate of the communication flexions of the voice If your interlocutor speaks smoothly and slowly you you must speak smoother, and slowly, without apresurarte if you want to create rapport! The communication form not-verbal: In this case one is to act " in espejo" , it is the technique of " Mirroring" , with corporal movements " cruzados" if the person makes some gesture with her right hand, you can " reflejarlo" not exactly equal, because it would be very obvious, but making some gesture symmetrical, inclining the head or making a gesture with the other hand? The Values: In the communication it is very important to share the values of your interlocutor, that is to say " sintonizar" that aspect according to which it creates, a what values have, what Example of values considers the other person really important : honesty, sincerity, freedom, justice, etc.? Cultural aspect: In this case you must take into account how it is the cultural aspect of the other person, its way to express itself, his " modismos" is adecuarte to the language, the content, the cultural level of the other person an example: They speak if you in the simple language, most suitable and advisable to obtain rapport it is to respond and to speak of a similar form, and not " complicada" or very " intelectual" " practice does to monje" it says to the saying If you practice sufficient these PNL techniques you will manage to dominate them and you will be able then, not only to be in tune, to establish a climate of confidence with other people also you will be able somehow to lead the conversation, you will be able to persuade and to influence the people, hacindote " eje" of a conversation. Filed under: Paul Price.


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