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As well, as it can be, that he wants to call the competent emergency call even Netcare, although police investigations later revealed that two mobile phones were found in the bathroom, but came off an emergency by any. Then ran “he opened the front door down, ran high again and carried the wounded Reeva down up to the front door, to the hospital to bring them, but unfortunately on the doorstep in his arms” died. In the benefit of the doubt? A residual doubt remains the history described by Pistorius will ring hollow and is so full of contradictions, oddities and misconduct, that it a very much good will and in the benefit of the doubt “-Denken very is difficult to find them credible. It will be interesting to see whether the indictment will have earned any clues and evidence to the scheduled date of the hearing in June, which refute the processes described by Pistorius in his affidavit. It is however to assume that his defenders washed with all waters has not allowed any demonstrable lies are included in the history, which can easily refute evidence and autopsy. However, the version that has that Pistorius in the night armed with Reeva might have had and they therefore aware, if shot in the affect could have a catch: as I said is to assume that the defence is recorded no demonstrable lies in the affidavit. Therefore it can be assumed, that Pistorius wore actually no dentures at the time of the shots, because even if the Defense put the South African police and forensics as a dilettante, it would be easy, but even for the worst evidence based on the angle of shot, which hit the door and Reeva, to understand whether the shots were fired by Oscar Pistorius with or without his dentures.

You can assume so, when they say he no prosthesis had at the time, that was also so. Only it occurs is also hard to imagine scenario a couple in the dispute in the course of which the man prone to outbreaks of choleric is so angry, he decides on the woman with a gun to go out without having it but puts on his prostheses in the course of the dispute. If he wasn’t wearing dentures at the time, which is actually rather filed against him, because he has the sure just to go to bed. Even if they had started in the bed to argue and Reeva would be eventually got up to get stinking mad, E.g. it would be unlikely, and without his prosthesis that he tried to stop them and so remain at the end, quiet rest doubts whether it at all contradictions of its history not yet so have been could, as he describes it. All hopes are now at the main hearing, whose first process day initially for the June 4 is scheduled, where it is more likely that it will be then yet a further adjournment. We hope what happened in the night of the 14.02.2013 in the home of Pistorius, that will the truth come out and justice win. Not only to our to satisfy any curiosity and sensationalism. But above all, so that a victim and his family justice again drives. A young beautiful woman, who had her whole life at the age of 29 who unfortunately again is like most of the almost victim in the shadow of the media presence of the offender in oblivion. RIP, Reeva Steenkamp! Claudia Haack (freelance journalist)


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