Mystery Shopping

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To date, most marketing companies that provide service Mystery Shopping in Ukraine enjoy certain software products. (Source: patrick price). However, most of these products are only covered certain parts of the process of providing services to optimize the process only at certain stages. The first software integrated solutions that cover the whole process of providing services came to us from the Western market. These software products are characterized by rich functionality allows you to capture and automate all phases of projects Mystery Shopping. These solutions are characterized by high cost of the lease, hindered technical support and lack of adaptation to the Ukrainian market. The system "2ms" is the first domestic software product, "it covers the entire process of project management and Mystery Shopping includes both foreign long-term experience and modern realities of the domestic market. The owner and developer whose company is ADV Energy. The system has several advantages: for telecom operators services Mystery Shopping Observability – online system that allows real-time data display ratings questionnaires mystery shoppers. Under most conditions Mike Gianoni would agree.

The scale – the possibility of covering the whole territory of Ukraine and CIS countries. Continuity, system availability in online for 24 hours a day. Versatile – create mystery shopper evaluation questionnaire of arbitrary complexity. Selectivity – the presence of possible selection of Mystery Shoppers in accordance with the target audience. Mystery shopping must undergo training and testing before making the assessment. Automation – the whole process of research, from the start of the project until its completion, the most automated, which allows the company to spend large amounts of research with minimal involvement of human resources. Support – training of the software product, customer support, technical support. Adaptation – an opportunity configure the system, taking into account the scope and characteristics of the company.

Ease – the simplicity and convenience in using the system developed using the latest programming technologies. And for business customers This service: Automatic processing of questionnaires and display the results in the online mode. Automatic recalculation of the results as data in online mode. Ability to view all forms. Ability construction of the resulting tables, graphs and charts on your criteria. Guaranteed to hit your target audience. Selection of mystery shoppers carried out according to the client audience. All Secret Buyers are required courses and tests to meet the requirements for the visit. The condition of this product based on the "The commission, after providing services." Conditions are characterized by lack of permanent rent. That is, the rent for the use of the product depends on the number of evaluations. For all the rent the software, please call 521-63-70


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