Motorola DynTAC

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The first mobile phone that was released was a Motorola DynTAC 8000x. The compact phone (weighed 793 grams) it went on sale in 1983 u had a 1 hour autonomy speaking. At David M. Solomon you will find additional information. The price was quite high so it soon became a luxury item: $ 3.995. Also, appeared with him developments in the world of telephony such as prepaid cards. Little by little, these models were changing as well as the prepaid cards that were used to call from them.

These prepaid cards have always been characterized by adapt to the pockets of users, and can be recharged when they wanted. Its popularity has been increasing especially among the younger population. Although many prefer to have a contract, prepaid cards are always a good resource which can be used even by companies. There is no week that does not appear any news about prepaid cards. Not so long ago that has attracted the attention has been on the changes she has done Simyo in the use of their cards prepaid. The company has shortened the expiry of the balance of their prepaid cards to three months (half) without being notified its customers. With news as it is, we can realize the current remaining cards prepaid.


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