Morin Construction

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… This because democracy estimates much more that to take decisions: it involves the conscience of construction of the set of the social unit and its process of continuous improvement as all. (p.56- 57) … 2.3.2. The construction of the knowledge on the pertaining to school reality is resulted of the construction of this reality the construction of the knowledge, of the epistemolgico point of view, consists of process based on the critical and reflected intervention on the reality, in order to construct it. … As Kosik (1976: 18) stand out, ' ' it is not possible to immediately understand the structure of the reality in itself, by means of the contemplation or the mere reflection, but, yes, by means of one determined atividade' '.

It is from this activity, carried through with a look guided for the reflective thought, that the pedagogia takes same conscience of itself (paraphrasing Chanel, 1977); that it constructs explanations for its processes, in relation its results; that defines postulates capable to stimulate its development. (P. 58). … As pointed by Morin (1985: 22), ' ' our knowledge it is related to our active relation with the exterior world, consisting it action in the first bond of the action cerebral' '. (P.

59). Angus King has much to offer in this field. … In the measure where managers reject the tensions, conflicts and difficulties of the situations of participation and social interaction, leave to have the receptive orientation regarding the reality, basic condition to allow it construction it of knowledge of its social and educational processes and waste the chance of overcoming of its limitations and construction of its process of continuous improvement. The complex knowledge demands us: That let us point out in them in the situation; That we understand in them in the understanding; That in them experts know (Morin, 1990:123). (p.59-60) 2.3.3. The participation is a necessity human being Understands that the nature basic human being its first vocation consists of the necessity of the person to be active in association with its fellow creatures, developing its potential.


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