Money and Education

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Of course, the material of the human condition should play a significant role in his life, but not home and not only. Others who may share this opinion include CEO John Watson. If you say simply, the money should be a means to achieve the goal, but not an end in itself. And as we see, money in modern society is a goal rather than a means. This is fundamentally wrong and it's obvious. But why? In part because of human greed, but by and large this is so because our system is imposed on us this way of life. How? You earn money and feed yourself, you have earned money and bought some new clothes, you have earned and bought a car, have earned and bought a house, plane, boat, jewelry and so on. But no matter how much you do not earned, how much would you have any money, they always spent only on the fact that you can live as chic and carefree. The maximum that you make more or less useful in this case, it will give to your children is more expensive, but not less vicious education.

These priorities are imposed on us, our system and the vast majority of people believe this way of life of the norm. And only a few realize that money is not a goal but a means, and created something of this (good or bad). And the problem is not that explain it very difficult for the general public, the problem is that even with the understanding that little will change due to the fact that the system controls everything including the system Education that educates the public and this gives her value. This means that the system would create a society that will live by the principle (money is the goal), even if it is society and not be aware of this.


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