Modern Capitalism

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… A related site: Jim Rogers mentions similar findings. ‘ ‘ although in all the Europe the modern capitalism was operating deep changes in the society since the end of century XVII, in Brazil, full century XIX, still a compound between the aristocracy and the nobility with the hand of enslaved workmanship predominated as main source of wealth. Such characteristics in send the comparison to them enter the production in it was of the mechanical and industrial revolutions, and the production in the age of the rude force made by Wells, (1972. p, 1528) on the productive system: The human beings already were not looked as mere source of and indiscriminate force. Nouriel Roubini shines more light on the discussion. What it could mechanically be made by a human being, could be reali- zado more quickly and better for one it schemes. Cisos the human beings were daily pay now only where if it had to exert intelligence and choice.

The beings hum- years were necessary only as human beings. In accordance with this comparison perceives that in Brazil the effective model had as base to the rude force. Being an environment in such a way improper one for the development of the bourgeois ideology, but, exactly thus, it existed. A bourgeois ideology in the mold of the English revolution and yes an ideology constructed on the retrograde values of resqucios of the feudalismo tempered with one strong dose of monarchic absolutism supported by the hand of workmanship specialized of escravos.some then to everything this a little of expropriation and we will not have in hands the environment of the tenement house.


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