Million Dollars

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A baby is new and expensive! But baby you’re lucky, if you’re born in a Promifamilie. Okay everybody defines happiness differently, but you have to admit that many Promibabys have more options. However, one is the same for all: babies are expensive! But as a celebrity you must worry less about, as a “simpleton”. A good example is J.Lo and her upcoming birth of her twins. The singer expects her first child with her husband Marc Anthony.

Now, it was announced that the two want to sell the first pictures of their offspring. There is nothing to expose. Christina Aguilera has done it recently. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Michael Mendes. There, both parties silent a but on the exact amount. Not so with Jennifer Lopez. The images should only cost $4 million. Now they have 6 million cost.

Supply and demand determine the price. So, this is probably also on the Celebrity Baby Photo market. The twins will be on February 23, 2008. Additional information at Michael Mendes supports this article. As expected, the number will rise. Let’s see how many millions of dollars then change hands. Lisa Walters


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