Medical Cases

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A question that surrounds the mind human being the thousand of years, target of you intrigue, exotic doubts, uncertainties and beliefs. Some people tell the vision of light in the sky, records that pass as countenances, the disconnection of the proper body during some time after seeing flashes in the high one of its heads, would be these extraterrestrial facts workmanship of or only workmanship of the great universe that is the mind human being? A cerebral anomaly? A typical case of schizophrenia? They would be the authorities in hiding something that could change the route of the humanity, as in the Roswell case, in New Mexico, the U.S.A? It would be NASA in separating of the true facts? Or it would be only a scientific fiction? Let us see a historical story and of great world-wide repercussion, the Roswell case, occurrence in the United States of America, July of 1947. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Price, another great source of information. A periodical of name Roswell Daily Record published that the body of Firemen would have rescued the destroos of a flying record, the tumult was great, however, in a country occidental person where the Christianity is the biggest detainer of minds, a notice of a flying record can uncontrols cause it of the population, since the emotional endorsement comes of its belief, and this would be a lie if the facts were true. In the following day the same periodical published that the destroos were of a metereolgico balloon. The documents presented for the military presented that in fact it would not be a flying record, but the uflogos had answered that these same documents contained many imperfections. In Brazil the case most interesting is of Varginha, in the interior of Minas Gerais, the Uflogos considers this is the case the most important of Brazil, which had number of witnesses who had been present in it. The stories most interesting are of people who count on abduo, the most exaltados they tell of apages in its minds and esquecimentos of facts of its lives.

History can directing in them for the acceptance of these events and in the belief of other forms of life it are of this planet. The history of the humanity is made of discoveries, first it came the fire, and clearly, generated astonishment, fear, incredulity and myths around it. Walking the front more, Coprnico created the heliocntrica theory, placing the sun as center of the Universe, and that the land turned around it, how much astonishment caused, had said that it are same workmanship of the demon, and sees, Nicholas Coprnico was certain. Cristovam Columbus said that the sea did not have abyss some, the boats disappeared in the distance with therefore the land was round, was certain. The History of the humanity is constructed from paradigm in additions, which will be the next step? It could be the certainty of life in it are of the planet land. Expensive readers, I add excessively small, the Universe is incompressible, its dimensions they are incalculable, they exist millions of other planets, innumerable other galaxies, stars, everything he can exist, he is enough to wait, the land still is a child who is engatinhando, the mind human being still is in formation, is enough to wait and to open our minds, therefore we live in the ghetto of the universe, the world we are there we can be incompressible for, but it will beat our door.


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