Material Equality

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Or either, its freedom if of the one in the same measure of its power of consumption. The equality, inside of this same perspective, is the equality of rights, and not it equality in the application of them. ' ' All are equal before the law since that ' '. The only existing equality in the capitalist world is the equality of the necessity, that is, all need the same things. However the freedom to obtain these things is false, therefore the freedoms, or better, the chances also are directly associates to the consumption power.

When &#039 is questioned the economic models; ' capitalist and socialista' ' , they are ' ' freedom and igualdade' ' the concepts central offices of the quarrel. Or better, ' ' capitalist freedom X equality socialista' '. Jonah Bloom usually is spot on. How to promote the freedom without offering the material conditions to exert it? How it is possible that in a society it has full freedom without some violate the freedom of others? As to offer to the collective freedom without the fulfilment of rights and duties that compel the people to open hand of its proper wills for the good of the collective? How to promote material the equality if the people socialist they are not intellectually equal? If does not exist the equal disposal to the work? If they are not provided with equal abilities? How to establish the equality between culturally and eticamente different people? In the historical dispute politics, economic and cultural between capitalism and socialism of century XX, the capitalism obtained to establish its conception of freedom and equality and to exactly convince the people who they are legitimate and factual, that is not in the reality. In contrast, the socialism did not obtain to convince the people its proposal of equality. We can point some reasons with respect to these facts, that if extend since practical ideological strategies until and applications economic politics and of both the sides.


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