Manufacturing Process Design And Construction Of Metal

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The manufacturing process of metal furniture protracted and complex. For example dressing room closet metal SR-22, 600. This one-piece welded rack, it has two compartments for industrial and civilian clothes. Consider stage production of metal cabinets. The first is the design of the metal cabinet design engineers in the lab, the final product is definitely required for guests, and thus meet the needs of consumer and have an eye pleasing aesthetics, fit into the office interior, where the metal cabinets and other medical boxes, metal shelving cabinets filing shrm stools and other furniture. Coming up department supplies looking for suppliers of metal and polymeric dyes.

In qcd the production supplied to the plant metal is welcome. After some time, going to the guillotine metal cutting into shapes on otpredelennym parameters. They go to the shop where the holes are punched on the jig probivochnom cnc lathe. Blanks chopped and punched holes to the shop for bending using machines for bending with cnc. Having all these stages, preparation go into painting chamber or on the site contact the chamber. Much important to know that the industry use a variety of ways soedineniyasostavlyayuschih cabinet – is split and one-piece, the first compound using bolts, and the second is – welded and riveted. As a result, we have a complete box for painting.

Stained dressing room closet is no less important stage of manufacture cabinet manufacturing SR-22600, it protects the metal from corrosion, gives the aesthetic appearance of the product, while being non-flammable material, which complies with fire safety, just as the fire safety requirements apply to the office in which is located a metal cabinet and other furniture, metal. In the industrial spray booth spray-applied polymer paint and the product is sent to the drying chamber. In the end, finished goods already sent to the assembly, where mounted ready elements cabinet. That is our metal cabinet SR-22600 as well as metal trading racks, beds, metal and gun safes made. The resulting metal cabinet can find its application in various industries and businesses, but they are usually used as an archival cabinet cabinets, office cabinets equipment wardrobes cabinets, metal filing cabinets medical cabinets for weapons.


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