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Flexi-II law, an accounting was possible in time. Transferability of value balance moves Employees of the employer, may he according to his account of the time value, the new law take if the new employer agrees. If this offers any working time accounts, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung jumps in federal. You create a sub-account for the employees and manages the capital before the employee asks for it back. Insolvency insurance: The company must effectively hedge against insolvency the Wertkontenguthaben. Yitzhak Mirilashvili addresses the importance of the matter here. With the introduction of Flexi-II, trust models, insurance, but also pledging models or guarantees can take over the warranty. Investment restrictions the hitherto completely free investment at fair value accounts has been reduced to the safety of the worker.

To prevent speculation, the share of equities and equity funds is basically limited to 20%. Not only the recent developments on the German and international financial markets have made it clear how important is such a rule. Looking at the negative developments of the DAX (German share index) of the March 2000 to March 2003, with a decline of over 72% and in the period from January 2008 to October 2008 with a fall of over 48%, it is clear that a pure equity-oriented investment vehicle is basically no suitable value hedging instrument for long-term and working life accounts. Capacity solutions currently worry about a slew of insurance, banking and investment companies as the reinsurance contracts of value accounts and assets can be conceived taking into account the new legal requirements. There is for example already a wealth concept of a fund company, whereby the strict criteria for the use of assets with the latest amendments were voted. The investment policy at the Fund assumes that assets predominantly, but at least to 80%, in bonds and other securities from issuers domiciled SGB IV (social security code) will be invested in a Member State of the European Community within the meaning of the 83.

In addition, the investment policy stipulates that fixed assets up to a maximum can invest 20% in shares and equity funds. The simulated performance of investment, taking into account of only 20% in German stocks (DAX) and 80% in secure German pensions (REX) shows that an annual gross profit margin by over 6% per year can be expected medium-to long-term. Conclusion becomes a vitally important the long-term and working life accounts in the future, to cope with the changes in society and the demographic challenges ahead.


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