Lodge Hotel

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The love between two people is far more valuable than anything else in this world. Like a thread, they meander through the private moments and make impossible a shutoff, a journey into a different world. It is not easy to find the way out of everyday life, and mostly the search is similar to the beautiful, the unusual and the easy intimacy of an Odyssey of highest quality. In the middle of the Bavarian Forest, where the forests seem to find virtually no end and the lakes in stunning glossy shine, lodge farm located embedded in a fabulous nature. Classified with three stars it inspired by a familiar warmth, which could hardly be more beautiful, but also warmer. Already when opening the doors a heartfelt, but also happy met the guests “Gruss Gott”.

You’re welcome and exactly this feeling is one of the main features of the hotel lodge farm. The passion of the family Paster, but also the whole team are ubiquitous and make sure that the common Soft journey becomes the reminiscence of the romance, comfort, and especially the togetherness. In a relaxed candlelit romance invites a rustic ambiance to relax, engage cuddle and spoil yourself. The special moments are never far away for a weekend at the cottage hotel, because they lie in the numerous details, the family Paster allows its guests. The second time is initiated with a seductive culinary and romantic candle-light dinner.

With little masterpieces of a kitchen that could hardly be younger and more creative, the love and the unique Crackle to access seems to be close. The coziness and romance by the cosy days in the hotel “chalet” are dressed like a fire lining. After an extended champagne breakfast, which no longer is diversity, but also charm, you can recharge during one of the numerous massages and regain the feeling of being a man. Hotel cottage Court excited during the individual romantic days with all of this, what is – already fall the numerous other houses into oblivion with warmth, individuality and the feeling of something precious.


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