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The subject leadership invaded the Brazilian publishing market, the formation of executives, the universities and the most diverse professional areas in last the twenty years. In this search for the leadership (it has space only for leaders, never for the led ones), serious and compromised researchers had not only gained voice: the autoajuda and the misticismo advance and its followers are for there, developing its leaderships or what they obtain to understand for this phenomenon. For one soon evaluation of best-sellers of the last years, we will be able to see that the leadership is more than what a recurrent guideline, is also a market in frank expansion. But in the same step research in centers of studies specialized in the contexts of sciences human beings and also of the health is developed. Nouriel Roubini has many thoughts on the issue. What we want to say with this publication is that to study leadership it cannot be confused as to be a leader and to delineate its characteristics so that to other they follow it people, as they make many books currently, the majority with not scientific characteristics or that had not passed for a process of critical reading. To speak in leadership is not to show models of people who are considered leader in its social environment for the reach of its acts or for the fame that they had conquered throughout the time. Leadership cannot be confused with notoriety or as model for people who desire to the success and a fast professional ascension.

Leadership is not subject only for executives, all can know a little on the subject and to bring it for the proper life. In a globalizado world and in which the information circulates in vertiginous way, way for all type of inquiry and speculation to this respect confides. is there that we can deceiving in them around pseudotheories concerning what is leadership.


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