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First PEFC certified organic cuisine in the region the K1 Edition from love to the nature of K1 kitchen Center why forests are certified? The forest certification was developed originally to protect of tropical rain forests and an effective alternative to the Tropenholzboykott. Forest certification provides the guarantee that the wood and paper products you buy, as also the nobilia kitchens, not come from dubious origin or depletion, but from managed natural forests. COMMITMENT to our nature of nobilia manufacturer of K1 Edition has been certified according to PEFC since July 2009 as the first kitchen manufacturer. Thus documented nobilia commitment for a livable environment and responsibility in dealing with the valuable raw material wood. Because the processed timber products from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. A global responsibility for environmental based the PEFC certification scheme for sustainable forest management in terms of content on the international decisions of achfolgekonferenzen of the environmental conference in Rio 1992, 35 national PEFC bodies are Member of the PEFC Council. In addition to 25 European European, eight other countries in the international PEFC Council countries are represented. Today, the PEFC forest certification system is the world’s largest forest protection organization.

WOOD raw material is indispensable and precious the PEFC certification system has been an improvement of sustainable forest management for ecological, economic and social standards to the task. In other words: no more wood can be added as grows. Afforestation programmes ensures that new forest is created. The forest as a Habitat for plants and animals is maintained. THE PEFC SYSTEM is holistic and sustainable manner the PEFC system features a transparent, independent control system for assessing sustainable forest management, as well as the origin of timber products. Continuous before spot audits are part of the Kontrollmecha – mechanisms. Wood and wood products which can meet the requirements of PEFC are labelled with the PEFC label, if a credible proof of product chains is ensured. PEFC certified products are active environmental protection with the acquisition of PEFC certified products, such as for example a nobilia kitchen, shows the buyer responsibility for our environment and thereby supports the sustainable management of forests around the world for present and future generations.


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