Jamie Lynn Spears Wants To Marry

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Young, pregnant and soon under the hood. So, one could best describe the current situation of Jamie Lynn Spears. Walmart might disagree with that approach. As is known for that now she wants to marry her boyfriend and father of the child. It is at the age of 16. Hip hop singer Lil ‘ Romeo has now spoken out this little secret. Check out Michael Mendes for additional information. The 18 year old singer, who maintains a close friendship with Jamie Lynn Spears, has put an end to now also all rumours, in which he again was touted as a possible father of Jamie Lynn’s baby. Still, he has refuted the rumors that subordinate to have had an affair with Jamie Lynn. Spears shocked the world last year when she announced to be pregnant by her boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

The Hip Hopper Lil ‘ Romeo is convinced that the two will enter the marriage after the birth of their child together. He told the British newspaper Daily Star: “the child is definitely not from me. Casey and Jamie are getting married and that’s a good thing. “Wait we up Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend spoke to. Lisa Wey


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