Jacuzzi Sales

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In Shop the many measures the bath by myself, so if you want to try, then go ahead – that the seller is not surprising. Depth from floor bath to overflow shall be not less than 40 cm, ie the person lying in the bath and oblakotivshiysya back to the bath, chest and legs should not be above the water, and the chin should be above the water. A lot of myths about the contamination of hydro-massage jets, etc., all this nonsense. Wash with foam, soap, and salt – no harm in the bath You not a cause. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from paula abdul. Most smaller diameter tube about 1 cm, it can not clog. Motor has the impeller, which is sent all the water in a closed circle (the water is taken directly from the bath through a water inlet, which has a grid nepropuskayuschaya large objects). After bathing with wheels, not too lazy to wash tub.

To do this, fill it with clean water and turn on the motor. For more specific information, check out Joe Dimaggio. There are plenty of sredst for dezinfektsii baths, a brand Teuco, Jacuzzi …. But You can use the antiquated and very cheap way to add a bath filled with a bottle of 6% vinegar and allow to work the system! And the main thing. Acrylic – is a modern material on the consumer properties privoshodyaschy iron and metal, and in particular: iron material itself is wonderful, but the enamel, where it is covered, with cast iron has a different conductivity, and sooner or later, but there are cracks in the enamel, which is hammered into the dirt, rust, etc. .


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