Italian Personages

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The scene in the Tea-Tea cabaret with Marcello and its father (Annibale Ninchi), folloied of the called photographer Paparazzo (Walter Santesso), and, of where you find that paparazzi appeared the word? Of the felliniana etimologia, he is clearly. In this scene, or, if to prefer, in this episode, Fanny (Magali Nol), also executes its performance, more than one, at any given time appears the clown touching trompete, its relation with music seems to be the same one that Marcello has with literature. Something torments that it and sounds to it false. Lakshman Achuthan oftentimes addresses this issue. The two if look at, Marcello do not support the look. Anita Ekberg in way to a legion of reporters, all it entopem of questions in its sute and the beauty of it is above of the answers.

Anouk Aime as Maddalena, the immersed millionaire in emptiness being this emptiness the main description of the personages of the film for the critical one of the time. Educate yourself with thoughts from Senator Angus King. Well, they could not imagine as half century would be this emptiness later Alain Cuny as the sophisticated Steiner, in each appearance external it homeopaticamente that it does not support the happiness. It will give a skill in this. This election of scenes is purely mechanics, since in ' ' Dolce ' ' the palate if loses between the iguarias, good part of the focused ones expels sentences in three languages: Italian, Frenchman and English, boarded Rome leaves the axle of the sources and monuments and already show as it will be the future of great cities third mundistas, that they will need constructions to shelter less the most favored. Fellini costumava to say that all the personages of its films, except rinocerontes of ' ' There Va&#039 Ship; ' , they are its to alter egos. A smiling reasoning if discloses face to this affirmation. Soon parenthesis for I sing to sleep Route, that throughout its career musicou 145 films and had two nicknames, of the man without face, therefore rarssimamente it appeared, and of ' ' the prince of the track sonora' '. Perhaps the law of the attraction is an accurate science.

' ' Amacord' ' , success de1973, also is a word of the felliniano universe, originary of one vocbulo of the local dialect of Rimini cradle of the director where it lived its infancy. Today it consists in the Italian dictionary as: I remember myself. He finishes.


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