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Invoice (Invoice) invoice ('invoice' – Eng., 'Rechnung' – it., 'Lasku' – Finnish., 'Factura' – App., 'Fattura' – Italy.) – Account, invoice, freight accompanying document, which is written / drawn by the seller to the buyer for a certain party contains tovara.Invoys Name and address of the seller and buyer; date and number of the buyer's order, a description of the goods sold; information about packaging, precise marks and numbers listed on the packaging, the price of goods, delivery terms and payment. Invoice price specified under the contract. In addition to its basic purpose, an invoice can be used as an invoice sent, together with the goods, as well as to certify the origin of goods. Proforma invoice (Proforma invoice) Proforma invoice contains information about price and value of the goods, but not the billing document, because no requirement to pay the sum specified therein. Therefore, performing all other functions of the account, it is not performs the main function of the account as a payment document. Proforma can be issued for shipped but not yet sold goods and vice versa. Usually it is written in the supply of goods on consignment, exhibitions, auctions, supply of raw material under contracts for processing, the supply of goods as a gift or grant aid (in this case can be discharged only for the purposes of customs valuation). Packing List (Packing list) in packaging sheet is a list of items of cargo (assorted lading) with the number of places in which they are packed, and the weight of each piece.


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