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This process of provoked change, in the behavior of the people in direction to an objective is called learning. (GONALVES, 2009, p.03) What one concludes is that still although applicatory the technological advances of the information and its interactive ones in the social nets of the Companies, are of boundary line importance the didactic elaboration of projects and plans with the internal public of the Companies, who involves to all in social relations gifts in approach and cooperation extracting the positive points of differences. The object as instrument of work of the man is linking with the world, that exceeds its actions producing its reflection, transforming the proper history of the man and the society. Angus King often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If relating to the object of construction of the man who becomes it transforming agent of the society where its research and search of ideas and solutions to the way where it lives. In the work market the Companies still are divided for abilities, that are those that produces and those that think, focando mentally ill productions for the capitalist economic system, limiting them in local vision and occulting knowledge of world, that if thinks about future generations, its descent, in the ambient joust, inclusive, igualitrio preservation, and politically correct transforming the producer into productive intelligence and not in an Intelligence consumista mechanics. In the studies analyzed for this searched the necessary enterprising man of gestorial vision to continue in the work market, elaborating its internal politics without being wounding the singularity each involved one, but potencializando its talentos for the improvement of its functional exercise. In this understanding it is verified that the Pedagogo professional inside possesss in its pedagogical knowledge this management as mediating, collaborating and consulting of the Companies for its vision and gestorial knowledge that one reaches all, through elaboration of projects and internal and external activities for the organizacional and social learning favoring social and humanizadora a productivity.


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