Information Systems

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During its development, the company "Zeon", held the introduction of a CRM system Quick Sales 2, thereby solving the problem of organizing information received from potential customers. The main criteria for choosing a CRM system were: simplicity and intuitive interface, reliability and security of information, flexible sharing of rights, the ability to appoint staff plans and, most importantly, value for money. Official site: Sam Feldman. Quick Sales CRM system 2 will improve the quality customer service company, thereby increasing its competitiveness in the market. Senator from Maine will not settle for partial explanations. Introduction to System 2 in Quick Sales of the company started with its free version of Quick Sales 2 Free. After familiarization with the system Quick Sales 2 Free, for a presentation and obtain the necessary answers, leadership invited me to his employee, "Information Systems of St. Petersburg." Expert advice has helped make the final choice of Quick Sales 2. Information Help Company "Zeon": The company "Zeon" is engaged in diamond drilling, cutting concrete, brick and metal.

Dismounting and strengthening structures. Background on the company, "Information Systems Petersburg ": The company" Information Systems of St. Petersburg "is an official partner of the Russian developer of business systems since 1989, the company Expert Systems . Expert Systems


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