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Leave complete freedom to people that housewives so that they decide what to do, with whom be and who follow as a reference is of vital importance for the mature growth of every human being, and which thus generated good relations without conditionalities. Release the emotional anchor of those who love and are in our roots, is not let them love is to let you be free to love many more people during your life projects. Limit yourself to several people makes you not grow instead allow new people to enter in your life makes you generate much more happiness to your around. If it is interesting at the same time perhaps to view others, in many cases our children or close relatives who take their own life is indisputable task of each one and can not claim please others living what our parents could not live and wish that we did, because eventually what our parents want us to be happy not to fulfill dreams that they could not or knew how to comply. Each one has its moment in life and has of seize the opportunities that life is what passes as we make plans to fulfill our dreams.

Big mistake on our part as children is wanting to continue idolizing our parents and continue hooked to them when we start adulthood, perhaps are given this type of situations because some do not want to release emotional rope or perhaps that control and others continue to grip to her for comfort, not being beneficial to none of them in the long run. It has love, thank and admire parents, although it is not incompatible with to become autonomous, independent and mature adulthood arrival. One of the biggest conflicts that we experienced during our lives are the ties to our parents, who in one way or another we anchored up in some cases destroy our own vital independence, and perhaps in many cases that invisible cord that is not cut when the person acquires the maturity is cut radically when they die, being the much more painful process than if they had been in a natural way when arrives the time of conscious maturity, in many cases this happens in the so-called crisis of forties, in the majority of cases caused by having not well solved these imaginary unions.


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