Holidays In The Netherlands (Holland)

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Holidays, windmills – so close and yet quite different from London/Berlin, April 27, 2009 whether it actually go to wife Antje, Linda de Mol or Harry Wijn-voord, is not occupied. However, it is certain that almost one third of all foreign holiday-makers in the Netherlands from Germany come. Our neighbouring country is enjoying growing popularity. Even under the liberal-minded Dutch not unpleasant to be noticed, the current issue are a few helpful tips of travel etiquette. Geographical and language very important: the Netherlands are not equal to Holland just Bavaria is the same as little as German land.

\”\” Even if Holland \”colloquially easier goes from the lips, you should always the Netherlands in an interview with a local\” use when they mean the country. To call a Limburger, Dutch is simply wrong. Holland is only one region in the West of the country. Also ten other provinces belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Click Yitzhak Mirilashvili for additional related pages. Although many Dutch understand German, it is unlikely to assume that every Dutch the German language is powerful. To is not already at the initial contact to forfeit it, you should speak to every Dutch on German. That would be extremely rude and arrogant. The friendly question whether the talks the German or English language, can work real wonders.

Country and Dutch people are very open and as vacationers get easily with them in the conversation. As an introduction to the Smalltalk for example the weather ideal, although there is little original in Germany. Are popular topics for the conversation other than – current events, art, sports, music, philosophy, and museums. Avoid, however, should all discussion topics at most times dumped beer on the table with a glass of confidential. You should refrain from topics such as occupation, income, finances and family affairs if you would like to win a Dutch as a friend.


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