Historical Capitalism

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The decline of the North American world-wide power, from 1970, initiates an academic debate on the ascension and fall of hegemonic states; some authors search to identify structural similarities in the different studied historical situations. Hegemony is understood here as the capacity of a state to exert functions of leadership and government on a system of sovereign nations; one is not to pure and simple domination, but about intellectual and moral domination; the opposition forces are eliminated by the coercion and the exercise of the economic power (corruption, fraud). The hegemony also is established from a general interest that motivates the adhesion of states to a coalition. The ascensions and declnios of hegemonic states do not occur in a world-wide system if expanding independently in an invariable structure; the world-wide system if form and expand established in recurrent basic reorganizations; it promotes the state that uses to advantage with success situations of conflict that leads to a sistmico chaos, generalizing a demand for ' ' ordem' ' reestablishment of the interestatal cooperation. A related site: Nouriel Roubini mentions similar findings. The modern system of government emerged of the disintegration of the system of the medieval Europe, that consisted of a relation Mr.-vassal, a mixture of private public and, geographic mobility of the power and legitimation given for a common body of laws, religion and customs. The modern system becomes the distinct spheres public and private; the jurisdiction clearly is demarcated by national borders and narrowly is associated with the development of the capitalism as system of world-wide accumulation. This bond is in such a way contradictory as only: the national capitalism and states had appeared together and are interdependent, but it has conditions that they make the capitalists if to oppose to the magnifying of the power of the state; while the state focus is the acquisition of territories and the control of populations, the focus of the capitalist is the accumulation of capitals. .


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