Heating Mode

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It all depends on the number of exterior walls and glazing, insulation of the room. The smaller amount of space that needs heating, the area of windows, exterior walls, the smaller should be the power of the heater. In some situations are advised to select the heater with a reserve capacity in order not to freeze in severe frosts. Thus, on 15 "squares fit Heater 2 kW. If it is not too cold, you can turn it on low power, and the total power needed during severe frosts.

What is the cardinality heater and the room size for which it is specified in the documentation accompanying the device. So now came the additional features and capabilities of heaters. On them also need to know if you decided to buy a heater. How to control regimes. In order to control the operating modes, using electronic and electromechanical thermostats. On electromechanical thermostat special scale makes the choice of the desired mode of operation is much simpler and more convenient to use electronic control panel with digital display. Due to the electromechanical control can maintain the necessary the temperature of the divergence in five degrees, and e-governance – in one degree. If the temperature varies within one degree, people do not notice it, but the differences in more than 2 degrees, are already doing well-being uncomfortable.

In addition, more precise temperature control heater, it is also saving electricity. The most convenient is electronic "Moodle" to the screen that shows all parameters: mode, temperature and time. What modes should be? Most often, the heater operates in the "comfortable". Thanks to him with the least consumption of electric energy, optimal conditions for work or residence. It is useful when there are people in the apartment. Heating Mode "economy" will help to quickly return the "comfort" mode, when you come home. This mode is good when people leave the room briefly. If you permanently leave the room, and the frost on the street, it is useful mode of "protecting the walls from freezing. He maintains the lowest air temperature – 5-7 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a heater, and the entire heating system, then useful mode of programming. " With the help it can get the heater every individual working conditions at any time. Thus, in the same room as the heater can operate at minimum power, in other – To complete. Check the safety of the heater. Each heater must have a system of protection against electric shock. A special device will de-energize the heater during an emergency. In some heaters have a motion sensor, it de-energizes the heater at the slightest movement. Also, the heater must be protected from mechanical injury and overheating. Protection against water spray – a mandatory part, which should have a heater in the bathroom and shower. Design of the heater. And finally, when choosing a heater please note its design. After all, modern manufacturers offer a variety of colors and shapes, allowing pick up the heater in accordance with the overall style of the interior.


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