Hearing Aids

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“Berlin listening acoustic special practice offers first ‘contact lens for the ear’ in the world of the hearing it is a minor sensation: LYRIC, the first contact lens for the ear”. The tiny system disappears completely in the ear canal, where it remains up to 120 days continuously. LYRIC which is available exclusively by specially trained and authorized hearing professionals, ensures its wearer round-the-clock maximum listening and comprehension. Not only sleep and sporting activity, even showering or swimming are easily possible with the hearing aid. No obligation test can LYRIC in Berlin now BY ANDREAS GAMPA in new private practice of secret ear. For more information interested parties on.

The desire of many hearing customers after a possible invisible hearing solution LYRIC is in a very special way”, so hearing-acoustics specialist Andreas Gampa, of his practice for aesthetic better hearing only before a few weeks in the street under the Linden opened. The worldwide first contact lens for better hearing is only 12 mm long, disappearing deep into the ear canal and sits perfectly in almost any ear. The specially trained hearing professional placed the tiny system so deeply that there is not more to see all four millimeters from the eardrum. There, LYRIC can continuously up to four months remain. For daily cleaning, inserting and changing the battery. You can just forget about the hearing loss and enjoy the life fully,”so Andreas Gampa. Who would like to learn about the new LYRIC, I will advise the great love to detail.

In addition, we inform in our private practice on more aesthetically pleasing and extremely discrete solutions.” More information about secret ear BY ANDREAS GAMPA, see. Secret ear BY ANDREAS GAMPA, under den Linden 21, 10117 Berlin, on-site consulting only with appointment. -Telephone (030) 20 92 42 06 fax (030) 20 92 42 00,, Note: the offers secret ANDREAS GAMPA ear BY addressed exclusively to private patients. -Like to book an exclusive appointment. Editorial Note: secret ear BY ANDREAS GAMPA is the speciality provider for discrete better hearing in the heart of the German capital. The Munich-born listen specialist Andreas Gampa offers its customers a developed over the years, our own concept of aesthetic listening acoustic modern premium hearing instruments are worn more or less invisible. The content of secret ear BY ANDREAS GAMPA directed only at patients.


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