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Study tour Peru – South America is a rewarding destination for many. Swarmed by offers, John Thain is currently assessing future choices. South America is a rewarding destination for many. Finally, you can dive here in foreign cultures and landscapes. The country Peru is particularly suitable for this purpose. Here you meet on every corner on history and culture and can spend an unforgettable holiday. On a study tour of Peru you can learn not only, because listening to the statement by tour operators or tour guides. On a study tour of Peru, you can learn something if you are willing to engage on the beauty of the landscape and the culture. Experiences that one has made concrete with the people, be much more remembered as a city guide.

Who can be a little Spanish, is obviously at an advantage on a study tour of Peru. As with the language, it is possible to deal intensively with the people. The warmth of the Peruvians granted a good and deep insight into life. The setting and approach to many things can in some respects sure a role model for the His life in Europe. During a study tour of Peru, you should devote itself but of course not only the people and their culture, but can be captivated by the breathtaking landscape.

It’s a great feeling to stand on the famous Lake Titicaca and to look at the water. The silence can bring one to think and will remain in the memory. No photo or no video recording is can actually play back the mood that one feels in such a place. Similarly it will be one in the mountains. Here you feel the size of the Earth and feels himself suddenly quite small. Sometimes, a study trip can certainly help Peru to capitalize again to find himself and to question what is really important in our everyday lives. Contact: B & T tourism Mr Thomas Oepen Graurheindorfer Strasse 73 53111 Berlin Tel.: 0228 / 3904382 fax: 0228 / 3904383 E-Mail: Internet: through the travel: the tour operator B & T tourism offers Group tours and study trips in wonderful travel destinations worldwide. According to the motto: “Common travel.” Experience. more”travel from individual service components are created. In the Group B & T tourism attaches great importance to the individual preferences of the individual traveller. The group is accompanied by a competent Guide. For more information see:


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