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Hotels entice visitors, mostly via third-party with hefty discounts. But this measure is worth? Vouchers are currently very popular topic on the Internet. Numerous portals emulate the market leader GroupOn and distribute vouchers for all possible products and services. By teeth whitening over the visit to the restaurant up to the hair removal, you will find many tempting offers with discounts up to 70 or 80%. Enough users who want to take advantage of an offer, can be found is the deal”concluded. Often, hotels via this channel offer vouchers and to try to attract as many new guests. The classical providers of hotel vouchers go a slightly different route.

There is at the outset clear that the offer has its validity. In cooperation with hotels, the platform offers cheap vouchers which can be purchased by the user. After the purchase, then continues the customer with the appropriate hotel and vote the exact travel dates. Saves the customer when purchasing regular bookings and benefits in addition in most cases, because Hotel more services included in the package, such as free use of the wellness facilities, a daily newspaper or a three-course meal in the evening. The customer, who wants to spend a getaway as cheap, comes at its own expense, should bear in mind the lead time.

But pays off this model also for the hotelier? As so often in life, it is also difficult to give a flat response. Hope that you increase the utilization of the hotels through vouchers and through good service leaves a lasting impression on the guest, so that he recommend the hotel or even in the future at regular prices book is a room is on one side. “On the other hand, the danger is that one too many Schappchenjager” attracts, has calculated that the prices wrong and as a result, the ratio of revenues to expenses is not profitable. It is worth, just a try anyway if you sold the hotel in the off season. The guest Gets according to good service, he will recommend the hotel. “” However, caution is required in the calculation: how far can I lower the prices as a hotelier? “and what other services do I offer?” are the central questions that must be answered with good judgement. Conclusion: Hotel coupons can be a suitable marketing instrument for the hotel industry to win new guests and to increase occupancy. Hoteliers should on a balanced strategy is necessarily set and check them at regular intervals thereby optimize if necessary. (


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