Goldman Sachs

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“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

The industrial and technological revolution that as much contributed for the human development in diverse aspects also had its negative points since this development all gave in a general way ace costs of the worker. Industries had been constructed, increased the production capacity, bringing comforts that if add to an improvement in the quality of life of a part of the population, however those that had more worked so that it was possible to arrive at this point of technological advances where we are does not usufruct of these products in its great majority. The worker who is the main productive force of the capitalist system, however does not receive from this system conditions to usufruct of the profits that he himself produces, much less receives a payment that is equivalent at the cost of the merchandise that its force of work produced. We can say that the same process that served stops in them bringing all these technological advances of which we make use today, was also culminating for production of a society each divided time more in classrooms where the busy positions for each classroom if consolidate inside of the capitalism, that is, the structures if keep where the poor person is each richer poor time and richest they are each time. Something very important to be analyzed inside of the productive process of the capitalism is the call ‘ ‘ more valia’ ‘ , that he is in practical a great instrument of exploration of the worker, where the worker produces, and the paid master it an extremely inferior value in relation to the rude value of the capital that this worker produces. More the value was thought scientifically a priori by a called thinker Karl Marx. However more the value does not happen in an only way, exists some forms of if to produce more the value on the productive force of the worker and the capitalist system in its perverse form to exploit the worker possesss new conditions to more create to each day forms of attainment of the value on the productive force.


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