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It seems that we are constantly facing the dichotomy of choosing between more work to get more money, or have more time free to enjoy life. From school we see that this is so. The rich friend has a dad and a MOM who just are at home because they work or travel a lot. This produces mixed feelings to us, on the one hand we would like to have so many beautiful things, so much clothing chula, sports fashion, better mobile, latest generation netbook and the bike. And at the same time we feel shame because you can just enjoy the company of their parents, that all parties, festivals and birthdays are lost. Go to Nouriel Roubini for more information. So when you have children, on the one hand we want to give them the best quality of life and on the other we want to be at his side as possible. With this philosophy and the time we enter the wheel of the rat, that twists and turns without advancing. We realize that to pay all that with what we dream we have to renounce to see grow to our shoots.

And this is especially significant in the case of women workers. How to combine profession and family? The reconciliation of family and professional life already seems a fairy tale. It is strenuous to maintain a minimum level of quality life. We can only frustration and wait for retirement to accompany our grandchildren to the Park, provided health follow accompany us. Having money and free time at the same time seems that it is only within the reach of a privileged few. As well, the formula for success can be used by everyone, although it can only be decoded with a change in mentality. You can’t wait get different results if you’re doing everything the same way as always. If the crisis is highlighting the ineffectiveness of the current system, if the fixed employment security has ceased to be real, it is time to look for changes and implement new formulas.

It opens your mind and explore new opportunities to earn a living. It allows creativity in your life to understand other alternatives of business which in other circumstances I have ever seen. Only if you change you will be able change the way in which you live. Already forget the victimhood and ceases to blame politicians, laws, or the bad luck of your plight. Focus on finding solutions that adapt to your needs and which allow you to fulfill your dreams.


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