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Wolfgang Hageleit, managing partner of the group of companies, in the interview of Regensburg, in August 2012: The group of companies engaged in a variety of ways green and energy-friendly topics. A great attention is paid to the development of new geothermal and E-mobility technologies. In the interview, the managing partner Wolfgang Hageleit spoke () about the commitment of the FROGREEN, a brand of Habeeb GmbH, in the area of Electromobility, the race team FROGREEN CO2 neutral and current energy projects. For more information see this site: Uber. Mr. Wolfgang Hageleit, tell us once, what’s it with FROGREEN.

Wolfgang Habeeb: Gladly. With FROGREEN we have made it our mission, to develop technologies around electric mobility. Should be mentioned of our race team FROGREEN CO2 neutral, with which we and others in the ADAC GT masters participate and also contribute to an increased popularity of E-mobility. The FROGREEN racing team is certainly a passionate fan of Motorsport I climb with 2nd place for the first time the podium and in the debut season for the FROGREEN CO2 neutral team. I ended up in 12th place in the overall total. That was just a great race which I will never forget. Mr Hageleit, how is the suffix of CO2 neutral”in practice? Wolfgang Hageleit: To keep the racing activities of the FROGREEN racing team completely CO2-neutral, full climate compensation is sought. This means for example that we have calculated the CO2 emissions of the races and compensate for these emissions through reforestation programs.

Continuously, we will examine further possibilities and implement. Let’s now about a further environmental and energy theme talk, that is at the heart: the geothermal energy projects of the you with serving as managing partner. Wolfgang Hageleit: So the geothermal energy generation from geothermal energy has in the portfolio of the a very high importance. Currently we develop together with our investors and partners several geothermal power plant projects in Bavaria.


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