Friedrich Nietzsche Time

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Of religise Phnomen in to give zeitgenssischen gesehen Mehrfachpanoramabildern und die wissenschaftlichen und philosophischen Fragen, die versuchen, die Religion zu entmystifizieren, Fakten, die behauptet, aufgrund to give Skularisation, werden durch of the Leben to einer ra von Kapitalismus und wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt geprgt. When we reflect concerning the history of the humanity, is perceivable that the religious phenomenon and the life of the man had been always correlatos, in all the distinct times and cultures. The paper of the myth is essential, that is, of the religions natural that it is extended of the primrdios of the times until the hodiernos days in our existence. Then, a reflection concerning thos becomes pressing (God), in the contemporaneidade, where a great portion of humanitate (humanity), is marked visor secularizao, where the profane one is the eclipse of Epiphany of the sacred one. Under the effect of the cientificismo in the religion (Bekenntnis) some thoughts had been formulated that still influence in our trajectory and that if taken the severity, would be the collapse of the humanity. The philosopher Bernulf Kanitscheider of the University of Giessen arrived to think about the one possibility ‘ ‘ full life without Deus’ ‘ , and still, the same it affirms that the human being is a negligencvel largeness in an infinite universe. When emphasizing that we are ‘ ‘ nicos’ ‘ , it makes use of the words of Friedrich Nietzsche that he affirms: ‘ ‘ It was not here for an infinite time, was a brief time and it he will not remain for a infinitude.


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