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Even there, there, in this bipolar opposition of singular and universal, a "game" quite similar to that which we have discussed relative to reinvest the verbal structure in the universe of that world. It says that everyone knows that the laws are made to be repaired, replaced or abolished a day or the other. If there are no universal laws, there would be no eternal laws. Similarly, why there is no contract that has no cancellation clause? Because the cancellation is the very foundation of the contract: no contract does not provide the possibility to cancel, if I can say! And this goes to all our treaties of all our commitments., Short of any policy (not political in the sense of the term that you have understood). Policy, basically, in that sense, there is one: the permanent revolution, to the extent that we do not cease to be mired future.

And for those words that finish, it is exactly the same translation, in the sense of "language" of the term, are always redo ("you realize to what extent they" age "quickly?). That is why the work of preparing a dictionary of the French Academy and a good use grammar could not finish. That is the reason why, in short, the famous "Lagarde et Michard" at the time of my studies is being replaced by new anthologies "folk" (in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the word, properly understood!). Before closing, I propose that we make together a very brief overview of methodology.


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