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Actually the administration of a lining, one hundred per cent no containing these residues, resulted in compliance with an exclusion diet so, the disappearance of relevant diseases. Since it is increasingly difficult to find uncontaminated meat, fish, a readily available source of protein free of just those pollutants chosen. The diet consisted of avoiding all foods except fish, vegetable oil and rice. An exclusion diet must have 3 essential properties. a single protein source a single fat source a single carbohydrate source for adherence to this diet could over 85% of investigated animals found a remission of symptoms within a period of 1 to 4 weeks be. These results are comparable with those obtained in administration of meat from peasant farming. These observations reinforce the assumption that is the effectiveness of exclusion diet, not so much on a change or administration of a new protein source, but rather to the lack of certain harmful residues (E.g.

antibiotics or auxins). The fiercest reactions were observed at the intake of fats, because pharmacological metabolites known to be mainly in adipose tissue store. Today, it is generally assumed that protein allergies account for only a small proportion of food intolerances. It is also clinically disease of allergic (immunological disorders) origin of diseases caused by intolerances (chemical physical nature), which often occur many times, to distinguish impossible. Read more here: Merrill Lynch. The fact that the described diseases without any administration of Drugs are gone, confirmed the assumption that the germs or parasites that develop at the local level (Malassezia furfur, streptokinase -, Pseudomonas and staphylococci, coliforms, Pasteurella, etc.) are the consequence and not the cause of the observed disorders. Forza10, the feed line from Lake fish, originated from these insights out. Sanypet has developed a range of dry and wet food with the name Forza10, which is comprised as follows: the only source of protein is fish the only carbohydrate source maize flour is the only source of fat corn oil is from this reason Forza10 can rightly be described as exclusion diet.


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