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Play with the iPhone app ‘CarSpotting’ mobile Quartet the United digital experience has to grow Web and society together. Vitamin B of the online age is the personal, professional or commercial contact taking place on social networks. You may find Vadim Wolfson to be a useful source of information. Web contacts enable authentic, direct and rapid exchange with others. With their playful and functional characteristics now everyone’s talking about the known apps are”. These technical applications are differently designed and developed.

So they allow E.g. users to create content such as photos and videos and to spread effectively viral as a communication tool. Playing the famous and popular Quartet, communication in the first place is in the online version. This playful Exchange has now as iPhone app CarSpotting”started its entry into the mobile world – car views, photograph and share with friends. The Wiesbaden Kommunikationsberatung reuss & Buttner has the special application CarSpotting”in cooperation with the BitControl networks GmbH and the Royalkomm design GmbH developed.

With the program, car fans can easily record flagged cars with the camera of the mobile phone and drop in its own, digital register. The car sightings can be easily published accordingly deposited information button in different social networks. So far there are interfaces for Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. There is also the blog on the current car sightings to be released and the community can share for all users. Ambitious collectors and lovers can compete as the most spectacular sighting of the car. The application is available in the iTunes app store for 1.59 euros. The special highlight: After the car was taken up with the iPhone, the user can submit various information to his sighting and write your own notes. From a manufacturer list, the user simply selects the correct make, model and year. In addition, time, date and location of the sighting can be written. About the app can easily retrieve background information and facts to the sighted car more be.


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