Ferdinand Saussure

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A sign is a thing that, beyond the species ingested for the directions, makes to come to the thought, for same itself, any another thing. Saint Augustin As Ferdinand Saussure6 speaks that the linguistic sign and as a currency of two sides this in relation to significant and the meaning that is each one of them has some differences more does not have as to have one meaning without a significant one, now I go to try to show what each one is goes to start with the significant one can be something that you see in the case of the image transit plates and also she can be something that you say or to listening in this in case that if the word has a direction more than, already the meaning you are the concept and what you understand that is what is or what it means. But from the theory of Saussure we can notice that we had you vary other theories as of Hjelmslev7. Considered separately, sign some has significao. All significao of sign is born of a context, wants understands therefore a context of situation or an explicit context, …. It is necessary, thus to abstain to believe that a substantive more loaded of is felt of what a preposition, or that a word is more loaded of significao of what a suffix of derivation or a flexional termination. (HJELMSLEV, 1975, P. 50) Now I go to show that the signs are in all same place are even though in that in chemistries we use very in the Periodic Table, therefore each element that we have in the table has a symbol, or better, a sign that represented for capital letters and very small a good example and the chemical element Copper that has as symbol in the table ' ' Cu' ' this symbol is of the periodic table has another meaning, but inside of the table alone it means the element Copper, it has this sign why it has covered in Latin and Cuprum writing.


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