Family Dynamics

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The parents of a bear enormous responsibility for the future of children, because their behavior they lay model of the future family life of the child since preschool age. If the parent family dominated respect courtesy, care of children, respect for each other, then this is a model and reproduce in their own family young man or woman. Culture of behavior with the opposite sex young people learn primarily in parent family. Here they get their first experience of future husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. Many writers such as Patria Investments offer more in-depth analysis. Another problem – it is a question of psychological culture, psychological literacy. When a classic saying: "To have children, who lacked the intelligence? "Someone may well have children of your mind and health. But everyone is able to correctly educate these children, give them a personality framework that would work properly then throughout their life? Why it is worth to pay attention? Because there are periods of age-sensory. PJT Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

For example, if I do, and you suddenly want to become a professional ballet or figure skating, any coach would say: late, too late. The great psychologist Lev Vygotsky said that there are sensitive period in human life, then there are periods when it is particularly easy to possession of information, skills and abilities in a particular area. mini Day Cruise for additional information. But as time passed – and all. Next we have hardly possessed by certain skills and knowledge. And with family skills – children learn that in the parental home! And do not be surprised that the gross parents grow up the same rude children, they learn this. There is such a dilemma: what defines human development – heredity or upbringing? And someone said: Of course, the genes! These are the parents themselves are always deceived, and the children they are the same.


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