European Brochure

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Another populyanym mobile stand of the Russian production is a stand "Pikollo" (in another size ). Educate yourself with thoughts from KBS. This stand of complex design, lighter, made of metal and carbon fiber. However, at the price it is in the middle price range – more expensive stand "Stella", the price of even the best and qualitative models of Chinese production, but less European. Over the last 5 years are also actively developing production in Russia's own promotional plastic tables and cabinets. Also for 5 years significantly expanded the range of domestic Brochure. Now you can buy wire Brochure – Leaders llc Riword "and factory" Smart ", Brochure of perfolista – llc Riword" and company "ART", Brochure Rotary – Factory "Smart" and "Riword.

Mobile Folding Brochure is not produced in Russia, offers a cheap Chinese – from 2900 p. Brochure in a backpack and 3900 p. Brochure in a suitcase (the best price llc Riword "), or the more expensive Italian model (from 6,900 p). As with any new business, which is closely associated with high-tech manufacturing, the major players are concentrated in Moscow. In large Russian cities there are offices or dealers of such companies. For except for companies operating on the basis of the Russian manufacturers – llc Riword "Company" art "factory" Smart "(only Brochure and trade counters), the majority of Moscow companies and regional supply chains sells mainly Western products, having in its arsenal, only large-format printing shop (for printing graphic panels to the stands) and finishing (to add various accessories Stand, giving expositions irregular shapes).


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