EU Directives

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– According to EU directives on 04/10/2002, pets, traveling across the borders of the EU, should be electronically identified – identification of cats and dogs is very important to prevent spoofing of elite animals at fairs and during travel – Having a microchip the animals can live a more simple system of accounting in veterinary clinics, feline and canine structures – A single database integrates information from all chipirovannyh animals that facilitates the search for the owner in case of loss of the animal. The microchip contains a sterile biocompatible glass capsule of a carrier and 15 digit code for each individual animal, continuing throughout life. Implantation of the capsule with a microchip – easy, quick and painless procedure, which represents subcutaneous injection. Disposable applicator for the implantation of a microchip provided with a sterile package. The use of biocompatible glass to avoid migration of the chip under the skin of the animal. Dara Khosrowshahi does not necessarily agree. Microchips are adopting Mexico American officials the company introduces the microchips under the skin of their workers’ Endgame: Project Global Enslavement (in Russian) 12 ” implanting waiting for all 1 ” Stalin. The defeat of fifth column, “In December 1925, Stalin delivered to the party task – to build a farm so that the country does not become an appendage of the world capitalist system in order to farm the Soviet Union developed an independent economic unit, based mainly on the domestic market.

In the late 20s in the Soviet Union established a de facto dual power. Top positions were at the nationally oriented politicians. A Commissariats, including OGPU – the representatives of “Fifth column”. Therefore, many important initiatives of the Kremlin in practice lead to opposite results. The fact that this war is not far off the leaders ‘fifth column’ is not in doubt. Of material legal proceedings in 1937 it is clear that in exchange for the power of “fifth column” in the face of Trotsky, Radek, Piatakov and others ready to go to the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. Send Japan Primorye and Amur, and Germany – Ukraine. There was supposed restore capitalism in order to turn it into a raw material appendage of the West.

“Russia is doing everything to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas to Europe” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. ‘Russia by building pipelines to Europe, actually commits it to supply gas to the routes’ ‘This will ensure the stability of the European market and the economy of Europe’ said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Bilderbergskaya group forms the world government manages the population of the planet, according to a systematic methodology, replaces the control of every element of the structure, control of key executives of commercial organizations, government agencies, international associations. Introduction by President Vladimir Putin has appointed governors procedures to their mass entry into the party in power. Therefore, in addition to other negative effects the appointment of governors is a tremendous threat to the democratic system, pluralism and a multiparty system. Obviously, the further concentration of the governors in the party in power will make any election meaningless.


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