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It has much time listening to say that the necessary time that a material delay to putrefy itself in the environment is long. Then, but how much in this space of time to the nature it will be affected? Placing in laugh all an ecosystem variability, for the lack of awareness, rules and/or even though punishments that must be imposed the man. For certain, in this new world-wide order that if presents marked for the capitalism and consumerism through, of the economic force of the transnational companies, the advance of the technologies fruit of the globalization and even though of the activities carried through in the day the day, they finish for also placing the concern with the destination of the garbage in the fauna and in the flora in a secondary scale. To have notion, the Pontificada University Catholic of So Paulo, divulged the time of decomposition of annihilating main materials of the natural way: the plastic 450 years, metal 100 years, paper the 3 6 months and the rubber indeterminate time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from relocation strategies. On the other hand, entulhos and chemical products poured by industries residences in rivers modify the balance of its ecosystems: mortabilidade of fish and the contamination of the water; ousting d sewers in beaches also is a serious problem of pollution to the environment; the lixes, aterros where he is accumulated the collected garbage of the cities are areas with serious ambient problems. As Day Brazil – TV was portraied by the Good periodical Globe, the problematic one of the hospital garbage without treatment adjusted in the States of: Mato Grosso of the South, Gois, So Paulo is Aracaju. Fixed fact for the antrpica action, that already is taking the extinguishing of great biodiversities. Doubtlessly, the recycling, support of ONGS in the taking of the reduction of the impacts caused for the garbage contribute, but concomitant politics is not enough to the sphere to the court of Justice must intervine with rules for the main polluting regions, searching local adjusted and carrying through the treatment and the incineration of the garbage..


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